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We are committed to preserving Go-Go Music one show - one band at a time. We also host (3) ~ 24/7 free Go-Go radio stations in which you have multiple ways of streaming the music. For starters you can just scroll down and click on either (1)“Go-Go Royalty”, (2)“Go-Go Royalty Vintage” and (3)"Bounce Beat" to listen. 

The best and most popular way to listen is to download the free & first “Go-Go Royalty” App on your preferred mobile device. If you scroll down you will see the link for your mobile device. That’s it! Now you can start cranking to today's, vintage and bounce beat stations. Please don’t forget to rate the app!

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About Us


Our Story

Go-Go Royalty, LLC. is a company designed to preserve, produce and distribute Go-Go music. Go-Go Royalty, LLC. is the most reliable place for true Go-Go music preservation. Our extensive music catalog is constantly updated, keeping the music alive and secure forever. Additionally, our vision is to deliver advertisement opportunities, through our 24hr. streaming radio station, app. and building partnerships with bands, performers, businesses and organizations.


What Inspires Us?


Growing up in Southeast DC, we quickly became fans of the music. Attending and collecting PA recordings was one of our biggest hobbies. Go-Go Royalty, LLC. creator has over 35 years’ of experience in collecting and preserving Go-Go music and performances. Go-Go Royalty is bringing back the art of trading Go-Go music, as one of our major components of preservation. Long ago, fans would share Go-Go music constantly, which kept the music alive. With the elimination of most walk in music stores and lack of top Go-Go music distribution, something had to be done. Go-Go Royalty, LLC. is now created and here to stay. We are now your Go-Go music library, store and station for the music.


Why Go-Go Royalty?

Go-Go Royalty, LLC. is more than a website where you can download Go-Go music. We are a community that has grown to respect the music and the opportunity it creates. Portions of our total revenue will be designated to educational opportunity and some proceeds will be distributed to our partners. No other Go-Go website or Go-Go business entity has this concept of giving back and taking care of the music through historical preservation.

  • Go-Go Royalty, LLC. has a barter system that helps fans assist in the overall preservation of Go-Go music.
  • All past, current and future sale of performances, will be distributed to Go-Go Royalty LLC. partners.
  • Fund educational programs and scholarships.
  • Three 24 hr. free Go-Go streaming radio app. and live feed for exclusive content. 
  • Partnership with bands and performers in producing high level compact disc for in show distribution.
  • Convert cassette tapes to digital format for preservation.
  • Promote Go-Go shows for bands and performers.
  • Create sponsorship opportunity through our website.
  • The best Go-Go Website & App, ever!

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