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Jay & Gas

~GAS A.K.A Andrew Gaston~


“Why do you like Go-Go music so much? “I simply say, I’ve been around it my entire life and love it”. From Rare Essence, who played in the alley of Yuma Street SE, growing up on Barnaby Street. Also participating in the marching band at Washington Highland Elementary School, as a safety patrol. Participating at No#11 Boy's & Girl's Club in almost every sport and winning city championships, you meet a lot of people. 

Then attending Ballou High School and wanting to be a drummer, but had no experience playing, but managed to make the drum line, with Buggs, Black Poo, Calvin Gant, Luther, Ernest, Lesile, and Willie Gaston, aka Heavy One, who I found out was my 1st cousin! I can’t forget Ras Lidj in the music game and still Ballou’s, best drum major of all time.  Ballou’s male chorus is simply legendary, with HUGG, PRATT and others.  During that time, your best and circle of friends, are all main stays in Go-Go Bands David Ellis (Ballou male chorus to JUNK-NEG-RE, Da Mix Band) and Bruce Bailey (Ballou male chorus to, Physical Wonder, Ultimate Groove, JUNK & BACK), Stanley aka “Poochelly” was a crew member for JUNK and NEG and his brother, Bo-Chell, ran the PA board for NEG & now JUNK, your Go-Go portfolio of music and library is legendary and deep with Go-Go history that is timeless.  

Attending live performances and walking in with them, gave you a feeling like you about to perform.  With PA Tapes and CD’s laying around like candy, I politely helped myself for decades!  I also traded and purchased music, with countless of people throughout city.  Then attending Morgan State University and witnessing the history of rap and house music, you learn to rep your music every chance you get.  So, this is why, I love Go-Go music and live shows. These stories and experiences allowed me to create a company called “Go-Go Royalty, LLC” to keep the music alive through streaming, production and historical preservation of shows, so it will never be lost. This is MY story and I’m sticking to it.

~Jay A.K.A. Jessie Boyer~


I fell in love with Go-Go Music at an early age. My mother was good friends with Lil Benny’s sister. So one day Lil Benny ask if he could take me to watch his band play. This was back in 1982 and Rare Essence was performing at Washington Highland Elementary School. That night Rare Essence cranked so hard that the show became legendary! That "82 Washington Highland PA Tape" was and still is one of the best shows that Rare Essence has ever performed. 

Experience Unlimited was out of Valley Green and Foxy Brown lived in the same housing complex that I lived in. There was nothing like having the latest and clearest PA tape, in your boom box and fresh batteries. We use to exchange tapes all the time back in the day to build up your stash of go-go music. There is something spiritually and hypnotic about the music; tribal even. There is no way, you can go to a live show and not shake or nod your head to the rhythm of the music. Go-Go Music will forever be apart of the Washington, D.C. culture and that’s part of the mission of Go-Go Royalty. We are here to try to preserve the legacy of Go-Go Music one show and one band at a time. 

Gone But Never Forgotten

Quentin "Footz" Davidson


Chuck Brown


Anthony "Little Benny" Harley


Ivan Goff


Byron "BJ" Jackson


Ricky "Sugarfoot" Wellman


Fat Rodney


Heavy One